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Hi! I am a middle schooler studying in Palo Alto Unified school district. 

I have been organizing the annual Bye Bye Cancer Talent Show since 2015 to help kids fighting cancer, raise funds for research and to help raise awareness.  We have raised $24,000 so far - 100% of which has been donated to the hospital.

Our fundraising project is all about fighting off one of the worst possible things to happen to anyone - Cancer, specifically Children's Cancer. It's high time for people to step up with this movement. That's where you come in. 


Donate as little as $1 to contribute to the cause, we are grateful that you show the gesture that you care. I am proud of the awareness this fundraiser has been able to create with the hard and relentless work of our volunteers and performers. 


This is just the first step.


Our talent show is comprised of performances like guitar, piano, singing, dancing, violin, cello, kung-fu etc. However, it is possible to get creative however you want. You can sell brownies or find ways to raise money on your own time. You can encourage friends and family to donate. We would really appreciate any donations, it is an amazing cause.  

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